Psychology is study of mind, of thought, of feeing and of behaviour. It is the study of behavior, performance and the mental operations of people. It is an academic and applied iscipline which involves the scientific study of mental functions and behaviour.

Simply putting (as T E A Model) Psychology is the of :-




  • Everything a person does is connected to the subject. In its primary form, psychology studies a person – who and what they are – it looks into why they act and think the way they do and how someone can improve himself.
  • It allows people to understand more about how the body and mind work. It can help with decision making and avoiding stressful situations.
  • It can help with managing times, set and achieve goals and become more effective with the way that a person lives. It also helps many tackle their mental illnesses and live life.

It touches every aspect of life. Using it is helpful for all walks of human life and is best useful for:-

  • Psychologists / doctors
  • Councillors
  • Educationists
  • Writers
  • Media /movies
  • Marketing / advertisements
  • And not to forget HOMOEOPATHS. (Obviously because the philosophy of homoeopathy believes in the power of mind in causing as well as curing the sickness)
    • Since PSYCHOLOGY says
      Every individual is unique, in personality which is formed by traits and is dynamic in nature.

      Traits are neuro-psychic systems, peculiar to individual, with capacity to render consistent forms of adaptive and expressive behaviour.

    • And HOMOEOPATHY believes
      The principle of individuality: no two human beings are alike.

      The vital force is dynamic in nature and is expressed in functions: in health, in disease, in recovery, in cure.

      Mental symptoms are first grade generals.

Stages from birth to earth:

  • Pre-natal stage : from conception to birth
  • Infancy : from birth to 2 years
  • Childhood : 2 to 11 years
    • Early : 2 to 6 years
    • Late : 6 to 11 years
  • Adolescence : from 12 to 19 years
    • Early : from 12 to 14 years
    • Middle : from 14 to 17 years
    • Late : from 17 to 19 years
  • Adulthood : from 20 years till death
    • Early : from 20 to 40 years
    • Middle : from 40 to 65 years
    • Late : from 65 years till death

Phases of psychological development in stages

This is the series of eight stages through which a healthy developing individual passes through from infancy to late adulthood. In each stage, the person confronts, and hopefully masters, new challenges. Each stage builds upon the successful completion of earlier stages. The challenges of stages NOT successfully completed may be expected to reappear as problems in the future.

Stage Age Crisis Major relationship Basic question Virtue acheived
Infancy 0-23 months Basic trust vs. mistrust Mother Can I trust the world? Hope
Early childhood 2–4 years Autonomy vs. shame and doubt Parents Is it okay to be me? Will
Preschool age 4–5 years Initiative vs. guilt Family Is it okay for me to do, move, and act? Purpose
School age 5–12 years Industry vs. inferiority Neighbors, school Can I make it in the world of people and things? Competence
Adolescence 13–19 years Identity vs. role confusion Peers, role model Who am I? Who can I be? Fidelity
Early adulthood 20–39 years Intimacy vs. isolation Friends, partners Can I love? Love
Adulthood 40–64 years Generativity vs. stagnation Household, workmates Can I make my life count? Care
Maturity 65-death Ego integrity vs. despair Mankind, my kind Is it okay to have been me? Wisdom

Homoeopathy offers solutions to each of these unresolved stages

It is said, most of diseases are psychosomatic i.e. are either caused or aggaravated by mental situations. Knowing psychology provides ability not only to understand the human behavior, but also the mind – body – disease connection, (More so for homoeopaths). This opens pathways to management and planning the strategies for improvement.

For example psychology tells us that Authoritarian parenting styles generally lead to children who are obedient and proficient, but they rank lower in happiness, social competence and self-esteem. Adding homoeopathy to it we know the ars (strict fastidious) or nux (critica and strict) parents have natrum kids.

Other example is dreams which are supposedly indications given by subconscious mind according to psychology and holds superior grade in homoeopathic prescription. Dream of teeth being pulled indicates fear of being ditched by close friend. Repertory gives Natrum mur for this dream and we all know hurt of Nat mur by dissapointments caused by near and dear ones.
Homoeopathic material medicas and repertories are full of symptoms reflecting mind. Linking them with psychology opens a big new field for further study and research.

Dr Anupam Sethi Malhotra
(B.H.M.S., M.D.(Org)

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Psychology is study of mind, of thought, of feeing and of behaviour. It is the study of behavior, performance and the mental operations of people. It is an academic and applied iscipline which involves the scientific study of mental functions and behaviour. Simply putting (as T E A Model) Psychology is the of :- Thought […]

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