Our Team

  • Dr R N Wahi

    Co Founder President
    To fulfil our objective we have to keep on enlightening the masses about Homoeopathy, as also to keep on conducting various academic programmes to keep ourselves updating with the day-to-day requirements, and the challenges. Equally, we have to instil confidence


  • Dr Shashi Mohan Sharma

    Founder Member Vice President
    We need to constantly update the latest developments and scientific research related to homoeopathy. International Homoeopathic Foundation is going to invite popular and experienced homeopaths to share their experiences and knowledge.

  • Dr Amita Arora

    Co Founder Secretary
    Our vision is simple – make relevance and acceptance of alternate medicines in general and homoeopathy in particular universal.Come join us in our endeavor and become a flag bearer for our mission. Join our foundation and register for the Foundation.