Dr Yogesh D Niturkar

Greetings to all those who are closely connected with the science & art of Homoeopathy. I am communicating with you because of Homoeopathy and my responsibility towards the profession for its promotion and advancement of its principles. Homoeopathy was discovered by our master Hahnemann, it was followed & promoted by many of his disciples. The disciples or students or the followers are representatives of the school of thought and it is their sole responsibility to work for the betterment of the science.

We all are representing only & only Homoeopathy; therefore we have to remain a lifelong learner & promoter of Homoeopathy. As it is rightly said by Dr. H. A. Roberts that “Homoeopathy as a profession carries a challenge. The possibilities of its art are infinite.” With reference to the above quote, day by day we all are learning new facets of this science & its infinite possibilities of curing humanity.

We all are representing only & only Homoeopathy; therefore we have to remain a lifelong learner & promoter of Homoeopathy.

As a learner we all are perceiving the rational application of this science & recording the results but we should not stop here because the next responsibility of learner is to learn from the result either success or failures and to report it to the whole world so that we can have exchange of thought.

As a lifelong learner & promoter of Homoeopathy we should have following aims & objectives:

  1. To have worldwide promotion of Homoeopathic science & its practice.
  2. To standardize Homoeopathic practice so that it can be globally accepted on scientific basis.
  3. To conduct Homoeopathic research trials for the verification of medicines.
  4. To have global interaction & platform for the cause of Homoeopathic Standardization
  5. To organize, participate & attend various academic activities like seminars, workshops, symposiums, CME and congress at National and International level for up gradation and exchange of Homoeopathic knowledge.
  6. To have national & global interaction with policy makers for the cause of Homoeopathy.

I was able to relate self with International Homoeopathic Foundation due to the simillimum Homoeopathic thought and would like to continue my Homoeopathic journey with the like minded faculty at IHF.

Dr. Yogesh D. Niturkar
MD (HOM) ICR, Mumbai
Homoeopathic Consultant
Mathura Homoeopathic Clinic, Niturkar Building, Ganj Golai, Latur- 413512
Coordinator, ICR Study Group, Latur
Lecturer, Dept of Organon, KSPM’s VKHMC, Latur
Secretary, Mathura Charitable Trust, Latur
M. 9890821793
www. dryogeshniturkar.com