Dr Gurbir Kaur

Dr Gurbir Kaur is a graduate from Lord Mahavir Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Ludhiana in 1987. Former House Surgeon at Dr. B.L. Kapoor Maternity Hospital, Ludhiana. Former Senior Homoeopathic consultant at Nishkam Homeopathic Charitable Dispensary, Sarojini Nagar, New Delhi. Senior Homeopathic Consultant at Gurudwara Singh Sabha Homeopathic Charitable Dispensary, Gurgaon and having own Private Practice. Currently a Life Member of South Delhi Homoeopathic Association Delhi India and Executive member of International Homoeopathic Foundation.

International Homeopathic Foundation is founded by Dr. R.N. Wahi sir and Dr. Amita Arora (sincere and energetic doctor), Dr. Shashi Mohan Sharma (My Teacher). The aim of the foundation is to make homeopathy as first choice of treatment.

Homeopathy was founded more than 200 years ago by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann who gave direction to this branch of medicine with his famous concept: “Similia similibus curenter” (Let likes cure likes).

The three basic principles of Homeopathy are:

  1. The Rule of Simile
  2. Testing of medicament in healthy human being
  3. The principle of homoeopathic dosage

Homoeopathy started with experiments on the effects of Cinchona by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. In a series of repeated tests with Cinchona, he observed certain pathological effects (symptoms) which appeared to resemble intermittent fever (now known as Quinine fever). Studies on many substances led him to establish a new rule of cure. Substances which are capable of producing symptoms in a healthy human being, are capable of curing the same symptoms, when given in micro quantities. This marked the formal beginning of homoeopathy in 1796.