IHC 2016 – New Delhi

International Homoeopathic Congress (IHC 2016) was the 1st International Homoeopathic Congress under the banner of IHF. IHC 2016 was held at Vivanta By Taj, Dwarka, New Delhi – from 8th – 10th April 2016.

The congress was organized during the World Homoeopathy Day, which is celebrated every year on 10th of April as a tribute to the father of Homoeopathy – Dr. Samuel Hahnemann


The month of April is sacred to the Homoeopaths, it is when a star appeared on this Universe, in Meissen, Germany and was given the name of Fredriek Samuel Christian Hahnemann, on 10th April, 1755, and to whom the World knows as the Founder of Homoeopathic System of Medicine. Now, 10th April, is celebrated as World Homoeopathy Day. It is this factor that has prompted the team at IHF to hold the Congress in the Month of April, 2016.

It is generally said that “MUCH WATER HAS FLOWN DOWN THE GANGES”, a sentence very commonly used when the changes have taken place in a field. So, is the case with Homoeopathy. Both the hostility by the vested pharmaceutical lobby, as well as the acceptability by the masses has also increased because of the absence of the side effects, and the harmonious approach in the treatment; covering Body, Mind & Soul.

The system of medicine which started as an experiment, due to irrational treatments during Hahnemann’s time, leading to the frustrations in the serious scientific tempers of Hahnemann and his followers, is now much organized due to official recognition by various countries, India being the leading one.

According the WHO, Homoeopathy is the 2nd most accepted system of medicine in the world, and according to a survey conducted by ASSOCHAM (Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry), it is the fastest growing economy, yet a lot needs to be done.


Taking these factors into consideration, we had kept the theme of the Congress as ‘EXPANDING THE HORIZONS OF HOMOEOPATHY’. The Congress shall dealt with the advantages of Homoeopathy in many modern ailments, present, and more likely to come, more and more uses of various branches of science, information technology, research, qualitative improvements in education, uses of various accessories in the clinics/hospitals/, and in the pharmaceutical industry. The aim was also to inculcate self confidence in the new entrants to the profession, and integration of homoeopathy in various branches of medicine.

This Congress was UNIQUE, with a pro-active role for development/acceptability of homoeopathic system of medicine.