29Jan 2018

OBJECTIVE The proposal put by Niti Ayog must be considered from Broad perspective, as a part of the Medical Reforms to enable Health Care Delivery system reach maximum population. PRESESNT REALITIES The fact is that there is a wide disparity in the available health care system. In Metros, there are abundant Super Specialty facilities available, […]

18Jan 2017

For Students embryology should be taught in detail so they can understand how actual development of human occurs. So they can correlate disease pathway, development of disease in a body and its relation with 3 chronic miasms and relation of it with haemodynamics in our body. Then it will become easy to understand pace & […]

17Jan 2017

Academic activities needs to be boost and students should be taught the practical aspect of each subject so that when they pass out and chair their respective clinics they don’t fuss out and feels lack in any respect with the fellow Allopath’s. Knowledge should be the key to every disease. It should not be such […]

04Jan 2017

Homoeopathy requires evidence based practice and research. The progress is very slow. The modern equipment/ laboratory facilities should be utilized for this purpose . The energetic ,experienced , qualified people must be given opportunity to work for the cause of Homoeopathy.