27May 2019

CALL NOW TO REGISTER: +91 9910388585Registration Charges – 2500 Rs.On Spot Registration Charges – 3200 Rs. *Subject to availability The proposed scientific program for – The Comprehensive Workshop on Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) on 2nd June 2019 (Sunday) is given below: Program: Comprehensive Workshop – ODD Date: 2 June 2019 (Sunday) Venue: Vivanta Ambassador, New […]

04Apr 2019

Comprehensive Workshop on ODD – Oppositional Defiant Disorder Why Comprehensive From Disease to dis-ease, Homoeopathy a therapeutic method created by Samuel Hahnemann can help us discover the key to this language of the body. The approach is not only comprehensive alone but complete. International Homeopathic Foundation is offering fully comprehensive workshops to cover A to […]

14Nov 2018

Topics Key pointers to enter a case. How to understand man in miasm? Analysing gross pathological cases in simpler way. 7 simple steps to hit the target similimum to heal. Key highlight pointers to study the drug through enacted M. M. Myths & Facts about Homoeopathic posology. Practical tip for homoeopaths to grow practice. Registration […]

29Jan 2018

OBJECTIVE The proposal put by Niti Ayog must be considered from Broad perspective, as a part of the Medical Reforms to enable Health Care Delivery system reach maximum population. PRESESNT REALITIES The fact is that there is a wide disparity in the available health care system. In Metros, there are abundant Super Specialty facilities available, […]

07Oct 2017

FULL DAY SEMINAR ORGANISED BY INTERNATIONAL HOMOEOPATHIC FOUNDATION AND HOMOEOPATHIC DOCTOR’S ASSOCIATION FARIDABAD ON PAEDIATRICS AND PSYCHIATRY. With onset of festival season, International Homoeopathic Foundation and Homoeopathic Doctor’s Association Faridabad organized a FULL DAY SEMINAR with DR. MUKTINDER SINGH on 1st October 2017 under their regular series of Homoeopathic Medical Education.The topics were centered on […]

23Aug 2017

Psychology is study of mind, of thought, of feeing and of behaviour. It is the study of behavior, performance and the mental operations of people. It is an academic and applied iscipline which involves the scientific study of mental functions and behaviour. Simply putting (as T E A Model) Psychology is the of :- Thought […]

28Jun 2017

International Homoeopathic Foundation is thankful to all delegates who made their presence at Homoeopathic Medical Education Series at Gurudwara Singh Sabha Sector 22 Gurgaon on 27th June 2017. We extend our thanks to respected Dr Bimal Gosain for sharing his experiences on Hippozaineum, Mallandrium, Arnica and other cases. Without support such events are not possible. […]

18Jan 2017

For Students embryology should be taught in detail so they can understand how actual development of human occurs. So they can correlate disease pathway, development of disease in a body and its relation with 3 chronic miasms and relation of it with haemodynamics in our body. Then it will become easy to understand pace & […]

17Jan 2017

Academic activities needs to be boost and students should be taught the practical aspect of each subject so that when they pass out and chair their respective clinics they don’t fuss out and feels lack in any respect with the fellow Allopath’s. Knowledge should be the key to every disease. It should not be such […]

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