About Us

International Homoeopathic Foundation was established in 2015 to realise a long standing wish among the Indian Homoeopathic Practitioners to get together for the purpose of sharing each other’s experiences and enhancing their clinical skills.

Starting from a humble beginning with an International Event – International Homeopathic Congress (IHC 2016), we aspire to become the largest association of Homoeopathic Practitioners globally.

This foundation is dedicated to the noble cause of relieving mankind from pain and suffering through sincere and devoted service. The foundation strives to take the latest techniques in the stream of Homoeopathy, even to the remotest parts across the globe.

Vision Statement

To spread awareness about Homoeopathy, and implement it globally, educating masses, and integrate it with various branches of medicine.

Mission Statement

Starting with organizing an International Homoeopathic Congress within one year at New Delhi (INDIA), and then to consolidate initially in the Asia & Pacific Region, subsequently to spread it to partially known and then to other regions where homoeopathy is not known. Our mission is to make it as the first choice of treatment.

Our Values

  1. Best and fair professional ethics.
  2. Respect for various cultures.
  3. Service to the humanity irrespective of their political and geographical following.
  4. Priorities towards research based programmes.
  5. Encouragement to the original literature, in tune with the changing times, explaining various principles of Homoeopathy.